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Doctor with multiple diverse business investments

Medical professional had several investments in diverse businesses and real estate. Being in the highest tax bracket, the client was paying huge taxes on personal as well business incomes. KM Accountant took a holistic view of the client situation including other family member’s finances and was able to help the client restructure the tax liability so as to reduce overall taxes by more than $58,000 over 2 years.

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KM Accountant offers free resources to clients and subscribers. Key among these resources are links to special Tax Strategies, News Letter and Case Studies.


These resources collected through years of experience and knowledge of complex tax codes will help you with the tax planning and reduce your tax liability. We offer these free to our clients and subscribers but request that in return you provide the courtesy of your thanks.


· SPECIAL OFFERS — Money saving offers for existing and new clients.


· TAX UPDATES and LINKS — provides snippets about changes in tax laws, most recent tax rebates, deductions and tax credits.


· PARTNERS and LINKS — Provides a connection to relevant business partners including small business attorneys, immigration lawyers, H1 visa and green card sponsors, bankers, private equity analysts and investors.


· NEWS LETTER — this is the most sort after Tax Planning Strategies News Letter. It promises to help you save thousands of tax dollars.


· CASE STUDIES – real life examples that you may be able to apply to your individual situation and take advantage.



KM Accountant offers a Quarterly Newsletter that helps clients with tax planning tips.

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