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KM Accountant expands its service offerings in New York area with the addition of Jaina Shah, CPA to its team. Jaina has an in-depth experience dealing with accounting issues, tax planning and compliance, corporate restructuring and business advisory. Jaina has worked with two of the top 25 accounting and tax firms in New York. She is familiar with the accounting and tax complexity in various industries including medical practices, real estate, importers, wholesale and retail.

Jaina has an in-depth understanding of all forms of entities including corporations, LLCs, partnerships and individuals. Her knowledge and expertise will be a great asset to our clients in New York and around the nation.

 KM Accountant provides Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly service packages for Small Businesses for their Accounting and Payroll needs. Our solutions are customized to your specific needs and cost model. We are in business to establish long term relationship with our clients and help them as they grow their business. As our commitment to lower your costs in these challenging time, we are offering special discounts on payroll and accounting services.

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Accounting and Payroll: Frequently Asked Questions


Q: I have a small retail store in charlotte, New York with annual sales of about 400K. Do I need to retain a full time accountant to manage my books..?


Managing your books and accounts in a timely fashion is important not only for the purposes of taxes but also for management of your business. You may not need to hire a full time accountant for your business given the size of your business currently. There are several companies that offer part time accountants or you may consider outsourcing your accounting to an accounting firm such as KM Accountant. We will manage your book keeping and accounting work on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis. Providing you with timely information about the health of your business and also keeping track of your records for the annual taxes.


Q: I own a small IT consulting company in NY with about 10-15 Consultants on an average. We run our payroll through an online service provider. Several of my employees work out of client locations in different states including California, North Carolina and New Jersey. Do I need to run their payroll in each state withholding payroll taxes in each state?


As an employer, you are required to withheld Payroll Taxes and file the same with the relevant authorities in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in severe penalties and interest. Most online Payroll service providers support to help you with general questions around setting up the federal and state payroll tax withholdings. It is difficult to answer your question without understanding the specific issue related to each case. In general, you need to withheld payroll taxes in each of the states that the employee is subject to withholding.



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We started payroll and accounting with KM Accountant on a trial basis and fell in love with their professional approach. Before it would take us hours of follow up with our CPA to get any response on our accounting and payroll questions. Not to mention the hourly consulting charges that the CPA would charge us for simple questions understanding our accounting statements…. But with KM Accountant, they are very responsive and patiently answer all our questions…”	
-  Retail Store in Long Island, New York

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Small Business and Individual Professionals

Accounting, Payroll, Federal and State Tax Preparation Services

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-  Weekly/Monthly Payroll (online, email, fax)

-  Mail Pay Checks or Direct Deposit

-  File Federal, State Forms

-  Pay Payroll Taxes online

-  Individual S-Corp Officer’s Payroll

-  Federal, State Income Tax, Sales & Payroll Tax

-  LLC, Partnerships, S-Corp, C-Corp, Individual Tax Returns with Home Office

- 350+ Special Deductions

-  Protect your return from common IRS Audit Triggers

-  Secure, Online, E-file

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KM Accountant offers Accounting, Payroll and Taxes as a Bundle Solution. Small Businesses benefit from a single point of contact and dramatically reduced costs.

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