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Charlotte client had business set backs and was planning to close down the company. KM Accountant took a holistic view of the client situation including the personal financial accounting and federal, state taxes and was able to help the client structure the Balance Sheet and assets so as to maximize the tax deductions, thereby reducing IRS liability and overall cash loss to the client.

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Taking a

      holistic view

              allows us to help you retain your wealth

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Ballantyne Corporate Office

15720 John J Delany Dr, # 300

Charlotte, NC 28277

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Maximize your Deductions

Personal and Business Tax Return in One

Corporations, LLC, Partnerships Tax Return

Itemize your Deductions

 -  350+ Deductions

 -  Stock Investments

 -  Home or Rental Property

 -  Multi-State Returns

 -  Claim Dependents

 - Home country tax credits

 -  ITIN Application

Individual Tax Payers save on taxes with additional deductions and credits.

Starting @ $129

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If you are a Sole Proprietor, Consultant,   Contractor, Single Member LLC, we will file a single business and individual return for you with Schedule C

 - 1099 consultants and contractors, Single Owner LLC

 - Home Office and other business expense deductions

 - Startup expense deductions, depreciation schedule

We will help you file your individual and business return to get maximum tax refund.

Starting @ $349

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If you have a corporation, partnership or you are member of a multi-member LLC, we will maximize your Tax Deductions with our Business Tax Services.

 - S Corporations

 - Multiple member LLC,        Partnerships

 - C Corporations

We will help finalize your business accounts and review your books to comply with tax and accounting laws.

Starting @ $499

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 KM Tax Services

Get your Biggest Tax Refund - Guaranteed*

· More than 350 Tax deductions

· Protect your Wealth from Taxes

· Expert Business Tax Accountants

· Enrolled with IRS to Represent Tax Payers

· Audit proof against common IRS Audit Triggers

· Business Owners Get Peace of Mind

Biggest Tax Refund for H1 L1 OPT ConsultantsText Box: What Clients are Saying  >

“I got the biggest tax refund last year. Getting my federal and 2 state tax returns filed online using the e-file system was easy…” - M. Khabe (Technology Consultant)


“They did everything they could to help me find itemized deductions ...they will have my and my family’s business for a long time.”  - K. Newton (Independent IT Contractor)

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Federal and State Tax Preparation Services in Charlotte

We provide Federal and State Tax Preparation Services to S-Corp, C-Corp businesses and partnerships, 1099 Consultants, Contractors and Individuals in Charlotte and Carolinas. KM Accountant has expert tax professionals in Charlotte for Federal and State taxes. We also specialize in International Taxation, US Residents and Ex-pats from foreign countries.


Small Business Federal and State Income Tax Returns in Charlotte

¨ U.S. Corporate Federal and State Income Tax Return (C Corp),

¨ U.S. Income Tax Return for an LLC, LLP, S Corporation, Partnership income and the supporting K-1s


1099 Consultants and Contractor Tax Returns

IT consultants and contractors, if you have more than one w-2 or 1099 Form, we make sure all your income and tax withheld from different sources is compiled and help you get maximum tax deductions and credits applicable to you.


Individual Income Tax Returns in Charlotte

We are experienced in preparing tax returns for individuals with different status and all types of situations. We can help you minimize your taxes by getting you the maximum tax deductions depending on your situation.


H1 B Taxes, OPT Taxes and L1 Taxes

      We specialize in taxes for student and temporary work visas like OPT Taxes, H1 B tax and L1 Taxes. We help you determine the filing status and maximize your deductions. We also help file applications for H 1 b dependents such as H4 with ITIN for people not eligible for Social Security number.


File Online Taxes using E-File Services

       You do not have to worry about mailing any papers or returns any more as we file all our returns online through electronic filing—efile. Our services are fast, secure and you can get your refund or make payments on taxes due through direct deposit.


Convenient, Easy & Secure Tax Filing

       We do not share any client information with other companies or resources except for tax or IRS purposes. Also, we have very convenient and easy communication systems so you don't have to make end number of trips to get your taxes done.

Gain from our extensive research and expertise in Federal and State tax laws. Special itemized deductions for Small Businesses and Individual Professionals. Audit Support and IRS representation.


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Tax Issues with IRS?

· IRS case representation

· Convenient payment options

Free Initial Consultation

Call Now! (704) 502 3960

e-File Federal and State income Business Tax Returns with us, and get your refund in as less as 10 days**.


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*Maximum (Biggest) Refund Guaranteed or Your Money Back

If you get a larger refund or smaller tax due from another tax preparation method, we'll refund the applicable federal and/or state return price paid.

Claims must be submitted within sixty (60) days of your filing date and no later than 5/15/2010. E-file, Audit Support, Audit Defense, Pro Tax Advisor Review, Talk to a Tax Professional, Refund Transfer and technical support fees are excluded. This guarantee cannot be combined with the any other guarantee.

Phone: (704) 502 3960;  (704) 909 0684

Expertise, Value and Relationship

Federal and State Taxes: Frequently Asked Questions

Income Tax: Individuals have to pay federal income tax on their income from various sources including but not limited to wages and salaries, business income, interest and dividend income, pensions, bonuses, capital gains, rent, royalty and tip.

Tax Withholding: Federal income tax is pay-as-you-go tax. The main streams of paying tax are-

· Tax withheld from your income by your employer if you are an employee. This tax is paid to the IRS on your name.

· Estimated tax payments if you are self-employed, non-working or for Alternative minimum tax payments.

Credits: A tax credit is dollar-for-dollar reduction of the taxes owed. Individual taxpayers may be eligible to claim tax credits depending on their status and income. Some of the popular tax credits are Child tax credit, Child and Dependent care tax credit, Earned Income tax credit, Education tax credits.

Deductions: Many deductions are taken from gross income to reduce the taxable income.

Taxpayers have to choose between standard and itemized deduction. If your itemized deductions are more than your standard you should take the itemized deductions or otherwise.

Individuals may contribute to an IRA account and depending on the type of IRA they can get a deduction on their tax return. Check which is the right IRA for you: Roth v/s Traditional IRA.

Check out more about deductions on Charlotte Tax Blog

Forms: The individual federal income tax return is filed using FORM 1040. There are different versions of form 1040-

· Form 1040EZ: This form can be used only by those with taxable income under US$100,000. The EZ form can be used subject to a number of conditions, some of which are: filing status is "married filing jointly" or "single"; no dependents are claimed; no adjustments to income are made; the only tax credit claimed is the earned income credit.

· Form 1040A: This form can also be used by those with taxable income under $100,000. The 1040A form is subject to a number of conditions, some of which are: income is only from wages, salaries, tips, unemployment compensation, interest and dividend income, capital gain distributions, social security benefits, taxable scholarships, pension and IRA distributions, or Alaska Permanent Fund dividends; the only adjustments made to income are educator expenses, IRA deduction, student loan interest deduction, or tuition and fees deduction and if deductions are not itemized. Child tax credit, additional child tax credit, education credit, earned income credit, child and dependent care credit, elderly credit, or retirement savings contributions credit are the only credits that can be taken on form 1040A.

· Form 1040: All other individuals with other types of income and adjustments to income have to use form 1040.

There are other additional forms that may be needed to accompany Form 1040. Form 1099 and form 1098 are the most common ones. Form 1040 may also be accompanied by various schedules like Schedule A for itemized deductions, Schedule B for interest and dividend income and Schedule D for capital gains.

Filing Date: The annual federal individual tax return should be filed by the 15th day of the fourth month of a calendar year. If that day is a national holiday or weekend it should be filed by the next business day.

If a return cannot be filed by that date then application for extension to file should be submitted. An extension to file is not an extension to pay taxes due. If taxes are not paid timely and in full the taxpayer may own penalties and interest to the IRS on the taxes due.

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