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KM Accountant—Services in Charlotte

Partnering with KM Accountant in South Charlotte allows you to focus on the core strategic functions of your Business and Profession. Our Solutions help Business Owners spend more time with their customers and grow the business.


KM Accountant’s Annual Accounting Packages provide a Low Cost Model with timely and superior quality of service in charlotte. Our Tax and Accounting Services are customized by Industry to meet weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual financial accounting and tax requirements of clients in and around Charlotte and Carolinas.


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IT Consulting Taxes, Accounting and Payroll

IT Consulting – We offer tax accounting package for S-Corp, 1099 Consultants, Contractors, H1/L1 Employers, International Accounting.

Medical Practise Taxes accounting and payroll

Medical and Clinical Practices – Healthcare Professionals and high net worth individual in charlotte tax planning, estate planning.

Small business Taxes accounting and payroll

Management and Professional Services – Annual accounting and payroll packages along with Year End Tax returns

Restaurants Taxes accounting and payrollmotels accounting taxes and payrollRetail Store Taxes and Accounting

Retail Stores – book keeping and accounting packages help you manage payroll, inventory, bank reconciliation and cash management solutions.

Travel, Hotels and Resorts – charlotte book keeping and accounting packages help keep audit trail on revenue and expenses.

Restaurants, Fast Food – Timely payroll, accounting and bench marking solutions help compare your costs across charlotte industry

High Net Worth Business Client with Real Estate Investments in Charlotte, NC

The Client wanted to sell a Rental Property in Charlotte, NC that had appreciated 400% in value. The Charlotte investor would have had to pay huge amount of Federal Tax on the gains from the sale of the property. KM Accountant’s charlotte based tax experts helped the client with Tax Planning and saved more than $80,000 in Federal and State Income Tax.

The results described in the Case Studies are not typical and vary by specific client situations.

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